Allstream Partners With the Toll-Free Exchange

Allstream Partnership With the Toll-Free Exchange Catapults Them Into The Canadian Wholesale Toll-Free Origination Market

~ Initiates production testing with Toll-Free Exchange partner Telzio ~

Toronto, ON and Denver, CO – October 15, 2020 – Allstream, a leader in business communications throughout North America, today announced it has begun the production testing of its new wholesale service, ubiquitously routing Canadian originated toll-free calls to the Responsible Organization (“RespOrg”) via the Toll-Free Exchange (“TFX”).

“The Exchange’s use of today’s IP technology to provide scalable services in a simple consumable form aligns with Allstream’s emphasis on modernized telephone services and more importantly, our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service,” said Terry Causey, VP&GM Network Architecture and Wholesale, Allstream. “Access to the Canadian Toll-Free network becomes seamless and simple to deliver without the complex routing or provisioning barriers of traditional solution offerings.”

The Toll-Free Exchange, a patented peering software platform, offers RespOrgs an opportunity to peer toll-free traffic with each other without the need of the Public Switched Telephone Network; all in a completely IP-based alternative marketplace.  With the ability to manage all administrative, technical and financial transactions in one central location, Allstream has been able to bring this product to market via the TFX with minimal development resources or disruptions to their existing business operations.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of working with member Responsible Organizations is helping them see their businesses from a different perspective; without the restraint of traditional telecom business models,” added TFX Managing Director, Shaun T. Moore. “Unlocking a service that not only brings a new revenue source to Allstream, but also gives a unique and valuable niche toll-free solution to the greater TFX community certainly signals the evolution of our role and value to the industry.”

Business VoIP services provider Telzio with their modern, technology first culture was the logical choice when Allstream and TFX were looking for the right partner to participate in this first of its kind Canadian toll-free offering.

Telzio CEO Peter Rank Schrøder agreed, “What we’ve accomplished through this partnership demonstrates Telzio’s commitment to continuously developing the most optimized and efficient solutions available in the business communications marketplace. The project has allowed us to reduce provisioning resources, eliminate intermediary trunk providers and aggregators, and participate in the delivery of a unique solution.”  

This service will be offered exclusively through membership in the Toll-Free Exchange.


About Allstream

Allstream is a leader in business communications throughout North America. Founded over 170 years ago in parallel with Canada’s first transcontinental railroad, Allstream continually re-invented itself to remain a leading provider of business communication services. Allstream’s offerings include a range of innovative, highly scalable, managed services voice, internet and connectivity solutions for enterprise customers. We combine scalable solutions with exceptional customer service to deliver the latest technology, and we’re positioned to help our customers accelerate into the future. For more information, go to

About Toll-Free Exchange

The Toll-Free Exchange is an IP-based peering platform to directly connect RespOrgs, bypassing the Public Switched Telephone Network. This patented platform reduces a RespOrg’s costs while increasing revenue on each toll-free call. The RespOrg member community includes some of the largest global toll-free service providers. For more information, go to

About Telzio

Telzio is a business VoIP provider that delivers modern communication solutions to organizations around the world. We combine a user-friendly web interface with enterprise features to offer scalability and leading functionality. Our focus on innovation, ease-of-use, and five-star support empowers teams to connect to their customers and communities, from anywhere. Learn more at


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